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    uh, dont you mean upgradepkg?

    you would have had kernel packages on already, you could have upgraded those.

    glad it works though.. I'm not sure what the effects of using installpkg instead though, unless you removed the old kernel-modules and kernel-generic packages with removepkg first.

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    There were no old modules, that was the problem!

    The install for the 2.6 kernel left out the modules and the source.

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    I can see why it left the source package off, but I agree, I have no idea why when you select a 2.6 kernel in the installer, it doesnt install the relative modules as well, it just makes a broken system.

    what I do now, (when I install which isnt often), is just put the 2.4.33 kernel on during installation, and then upgrade kernel-generic and kernel-modules to 2.6 afterwards.

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    Yeah I didn't know either why it did that. Slackware seems a little 2.6 unfriendly. Your method of just going with the default then using upgradepkg is more elegant than what I did.

    But it wasn't a big deal, it didn't take that much extra work to get those modules and source. I heard that hardware config is supposed to be challenging in Slackware, but despite the gpm fluke on my first try it wasn't hard.

    I thought that installing my fav apps was going to be the part that drove me away, but the linuxpackages site made installing my favorite apps actually quicker than the net based utilities like apt-get, emerge and yum that I'm used to.

    It was actually one of the easiest distros to get running. So I'm glad I came back to it, I quit way too easily before.

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    hehe glad you're fully working now.

    I always disable GPM by default as I know it can have problems with USB mice in X.

    plus I dont find it that useful

    happy slacking

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