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    Unhappy realtime kernel fun

    I have been using slackware for years and have found the default kernel to always be stable and easy to understand. Now however I am in the process of trying to set up a realtime ck version of the 2.6 series on slackware for audio work...and have been having loads of trouble doing the job. I apply the proper patches and make the right modules for my hardware but have one heck of a time getting an init setup correctly.

    I have tried mkinitrd and have failed repeatedly. At best I get the ck patched kernel booting and get to a blank screen without even a terminal showing the process! However when I see the harddrive activity stop I know that I am at a login. So I log in as root and startx. This odly enough works! So I know it is not an X server problem. Obviously my initrd is not being used by the 2.6 kernel...this even happens if I install the 2.6.17 series rather than the default 2.4. The slackware install does not put the 2.6 kernel source in /usr/src so I have to download the source and do it myself then patch it and make menuconfig. If I do a make oldconfig there is no old config option available because the 2.6 install is just a vmlinuz that uses the 2.4 source config options....which is very frustrating.

    What would be really great is if a slackware guru could do a script to finish a kernel recompile and mkinitrd. That way us poor peons could use programs like Rosegarden and Audacity and flash audio would actually work the way it is supposed to. An audio friendly version of slackware would be a God send!

    A chmod 777 /dev/dsp and the other listings in /dev that are soundcard and audio io relavent helps but there is alot more to it. A realtime priority kernel is essential. And a kernel frequency setting of 1000 instead of the default 100 is necessasary. Not to mention killing the artsd ..perminantly. Growl grumble ...

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    if you want the config from a running kernel, you can do
    cd /usr/src/linux
    zcat /proc/config.gz > .config
    make oldconfig

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