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    Question slackware(Vector) Newbie problems

    I am new to linux and to slackware.

    I could install Vector SOHO 5.1 but as I have only 128MB, memory I installed Fluxbox and ROX filer.

    Can some one help me in solving the following teething troubles?

    1. While booting linux recognised that my disk supports UDMS 33MHZ but waits eternally at /dev/hda and reports dma time out and ide failure and moves on. This is repeated for every partition. disabling dma in bios is not helping (My desktop is fujitsu Ergopro x (1999) Pentium III. How can I make linux to skip these waits?

    2. ROX filer is not recognising the normal ICONs. It is placing inverted triangles for all devices and files / programs. How to make it recognise the natural icons associated with programs.
    3. Fluxbox menu (right click on desktop) can shut down x server but can not shut down the machine. where is the problem?? I need to shut down from the log-in screen presented after shutting down the x server.

    4.As I can not use KDE desktop with low memory, I want to make Fluxbox as default desktop for every user including the root, I can not find .xsession file ? what is the equivalent in slackware?

    Thanks in Advance

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    I would recommend that if you have trouble with the X Window system, you check out 'xorgsetup' or 'xwdmconfig' (I believe that the things are, respectively, used for setting up the computer to work with X Window system and choosing a default X Window system thing, like fluxbox)

    I believe that, when using fluxbox, you may need to right click, select the option "start WindowMaker" or something (I am unclear as to what this is called), and from Windowmaker, I believe that you right click "Shut down" or "Log Off" or something to shut down or log off. I do not know if all of the X Window system things offer a shutdown option when you are using xdm or are booting into X

    As for making fluxbox the default, you may need to run, I believe it is callked, 'xorgsetup' (I think this prepares the computer to run X), and 'xwdmconfig' (I believe that this sets the default X Window thing, like fluxbox). I believe that you may need to pay attention to the configuration files, as some of these may need to be created when you run the programs mentioned (in some cases, if there is no config file, the computer may not be able to start X, and there may be problems)

    Right now, this is what I can offer and I hope this helps

    I am sorry that I can not offer more

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