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    Slax - Kppp Strangeness

    I've managed to jury-rig a solution to my problem but I was hoping someone might be able to take a guess on the reason it is happining... thanks in advance...

    Kppp gets stuck when initializing my serial modem, and nothing prints out on the log. If I query the modem all the information comes out blank and the terminal doesn't register anything I type or display any text.

    The quick fix:
    While Kppp is running, but not while editing the configuration (this is the most important part, found with lots of trial and error) I run wvdial on the default dialer, it fails because the modem needs pretty specific initialization but if I press connect on Kppp the initializations work perfectly and prints everything out. This also solves the above mentioned problems untill Kppp is shut down, then I need to do it again to fix things.

    The real problem:
    This is going to be a rescue CD for customers that are not computer literate and I want a little more streamlined system then opening two programs at once in a particular order and doing some weird stuff that doesn't make any sense. I have yet to get Minicom or wvdial to connect on there own.

    The setup:
    OS: Slax 5
    Modem: Motorola 9050 Iridium Sattalite Phone

    Any ideas are welcome as this is my job and I get payed for trying them out!

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    Well I just succeeded with wvdial, so I'm going to call it quits on Kppp. Console programs seem easier to deal with anyway (from a tech-support point of view). Any ideas are still welcome as I'm not sure my boss will be happy with a non-GUI approch...

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