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Thread: Upgrade

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    How do I upgrade slack 10.2 to 11.


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    read and follow UPGRADE.TXT on the cd

    but DO NOT use the --install-new option for upgradepkg when it tells you to.

    unless you want every package installed wether it was on before or not.

    the process is relatively simple though, follow the text file and you'll be fine.

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    sorry for this dumb q

    Do I need complete slack 11 distro or are there some updates available?

    Thanks for the reply.

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    you can choose to download updates via ftp or rsync

    i wrote a simple rsync script to keep a slackware 11 / current mirror on my hard disk, then I just upgrade using those packages.

    but sure , you can use the slackware 11 cd's to upgrade from

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    Can you give step by step guide to upgrade to slack 11 including kernel.


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    just follow upgrade.txt after downloading the cd's

    if you want the 2.6.18 kernel just install it from testing

    you know how to use installlpkg/upgradepkg right?

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    If I only upgrade kernel, will it be enough?
    I know a bit of those commands and can follow the instructions.

    Is there any other way of upgrading without downloading cd's?

    I have installed gslapt-get but can't use it to download new packages.
    I tried slapt-gui with slapt-get and with that as well can't download new packages.

    Both of them were checking with slack 11 ftp site not with 10.2

    Can you work directly on my system and upgrade kernel? This way I can learn it.

    or give me instructions on IM.

    Can I simply follow this guide?

    I have LILO installed in root partition.


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    just follow upgrade.txt

    if you want the new kernel, download the packages from the slackware ftp site for 11, in testing, and upgradepkg the modules and generic packages, but not the headers.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I don't have much knowledge about it.
    What do you suggest?

    Simply ugrading the kernel is enough?
    Can you give step by step instructions?

    What are the steps to upgrade without downloading slackware 11 cd's?

    Is kernel the main component to be upgraded?

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    upgrading without the cd's is beyond the scope of this book. if you dont know what components and packages you're supposed to be upgrading I wouldnt bother trying to rsync patches or keep in sync with slackware-current yet.

    why dont you try using that guide you found , and downloading a kernel from and trying to compile and run that (please keep your old working kernel in the lilo config so you wont break your system). if you are a new starter to linux or slackware as a whole, I would just use the system without patches for now and run 10.2 by itself, and just update the kernel.

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