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    I did created that file and added to lilo.conf.

    Probably someone could setup things in xconfig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littledrop
    why are you building the kernel and breaking things at all?

    that is the main question
    For learning purpose
    doing self study linux certification

    slackware has packages for single cpu/dual cpu 2.6 kernels, install those and upgrading in future is simple as pie.
    From where to get packages?

    This time I changed the processor in xconfig and enabled RAMDisk Image support.
    There is error on boot.

    I have found kernel slackware package.

    What's next ?
    installpkg kernel-modules*.tgz

    After that?

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    the package is on the cd

    you want to use upgradepkg too

    perhaps this will help?

    I'd do some reading instead of randomly guessing.

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    How can I restore kernel from cd.

    I can't boot with hdd but can boot installed distro from cd.
    Do I have to restore /boot partition as well.

    I guess and vmlinux symbolic link has gone bad.

    Distro : Slackware 10.2
    kernel 2.4.31

    I ran command 'make install' from /usr/src/linux- as I was trying this new kernel

    someone told me to do that and I think that messed up the system

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    make install should not be used.

    use a boot cd and repair the mess

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    What are the steps?

    I have 3 more q's.

    1. Can we install more than 1 kernel when we do slackware installation?
    2. How can we install another kernel from slackware cd? I guess its the same question as to my latest problem. (How to restore kernel from cd)
    3. How to install kernel from tgz file? What all package are needed? is down.

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    1) no, you can only choose one kernel in the installation, but there are different ones to choose from, after installation you are free to run 2.4 or 2.6, either by upgrading the kernel-generic*.tgz and kernel-modules*.tgz packages using the 2.6 packages provided on cd2, in testing/ , or rolling your own provided you know what you're doing.

    2) mount the cd 'mount /mnt/cdrom' ; cd slackware/testing, or wherever it is, find the linux-2.6 directory, and upgrade the packages using 'upgradepkg kernel-modules*.tgz, upgradepkg kernel-generic*.tgz', re-run lilo 'lilo -v', then reboot, then setup your drivers if need be, by editing /etc/rc.d/rc.modules.

    3) see 1 and 2

    edit: slackbook mirror ->

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    I doubt that I will be able to succeed in this.

    Can you tell how to restore current kernel which is bare.i and the contents of this folder is

    What will be the steps?

    Is there any symbolic link to be created of and vmlinuz file?

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    There are no tgz packages in my linux iso in kernels folder.

    All have same 3 files as earlier mentioned.

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    the packages will take care of /boot for you, ignore everything in there

    for now

    I believe cd 2 has 2.6 packages on it. if not its 3 or 4 ( I dont think it is though )

    the kernels folder you're looking in is the wrong place

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