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    FSCK 1.38 /dev/hdb6 has gone 49710 days.... PROBLEM!

    Please read this all:

    I installed slackware 11 with the 2.4 kernel two days ago on my second hardrive in my computer and it was working fine.. but then i wanted to install the 2.6 kernel and as i didnt have anything i needed i did a fresh install and re formatted everything using the ext2 filesystem.. the 2.6 kernel was ALOT quiker to format the drives and install the software is this normal?.. i have a sata drive btw.. so then it was fully installed and did the ctrl+alt+del to restart so i did that then while it was going through all the stuff at the begginning it got to an error? saying that "FSCK 1.38(30-jun-2005) /Dev/HDB6 has gone 49710 days without being checked, check forced" so it checked hdb6 then hdb7 and then when it reached hdb8(my /home directory 150gbish) it froze on 14.6% and came up with an error saying "hdb:read_intr:status=0x59 {driveready seek complete data request error}" and loads of them kept coming up but with different block numbers.. i RE did it all again with the huge26.s kernel still the SAME happend again then i thought does the 2.4kernel work so i did it with that.. that loaded fine the first time then i restarted and it said"Filesystem error" and it did the same FSCK and got stuck on hdb8 again so now im worried wonderin whats going on!?? Has anyone experienced this do you know how i can fix this?!



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    the 2.6 kernel probably had DMA enabled on your hard disk, so copying and installing would seem faster.

    I think your drive might be dying though

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