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    mount USB storage


    Ive just plugged-in a USB drive and my system successfully detected it.
    Now i just like to ask how can i determine which device name has been referenced to this USB drive so that i would know which device name i need to mount. Im not sure if i still need to mention that im using slackware 11.0. Thanks.

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    well for starters make sure you have a place to mount it to most people create a directory under the /mnt directory called usb or something. ie /mnt/usb

    then mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb and you have it mounted.
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    Try dmesg | tail. It should reveal what devices were detected. Also, if you use udev, you can specify what's attached where.
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    you will notice in slackware 11.0 that there is /media too

    and /mnt/tmp for mounting things temporarily

    if you have a lot of devices that use scsi emulation, you can use UDEV rules to assign each to a seperate device node.

    I use /dev/ipod for my ipod, /dev/cardreader for my sd card reader, and /dev/usb/stick for my pendrive.

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    hi carlosponti,
    thanks for the reply. i think the problem is caused by the USB drive because windows was not also able to mount it.

    Another question. Is there a command that tells which device name that a device is currently using. Like for my dvdrom, its beeing detected as /dev/hda and some distro detects it as /dev/sr0. Is there a way to check which are the available device names that can be mounted? thanks!

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    i tried demsg | tail and it displays which device name (sda) that the usb drive is using. Even though it doesnt actually tell whether the device is detected as sda1 or sda2 but it surely gives me a hint. Thanks to you!

    i think i dont need to use udev for now since i dont use much devices as you do but ill still try it out to learn how to use it.

    One last thing. For cdrom/dvdrom drives, how can i check which device name it is currently using?? thanks very much!

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    dmesg | grep hd

    will give you the hda/hdb devices that got detected on boot , you should be able to work it out from there.

    you might even have a /dev/dvd or /dev/cdrom symlink too

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    unmount pendrive

    how to unmount pendrive??

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    umount /dev/sda1

    or umount <mountpoint>

    make sure you have nothing still in that directory, like a shell for example

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    i tried to mount my minisd card with usc card reader, how carlosponti said. and its work, but i first mkdir /mnt/usb folder. And the slack is mount it. Its works really good

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