hi guys, here is the situation. . . i had (i think) a successful kernel compile. . BUT there is a problem:

here is the details :

in my newly edited LILO :

i added:

# Linux bootable partition config starts
image = /boot/
label = Slackware-2.4
# Linux bootable partition config ends

run /sbin/lilo -v -AS ROOT (no errors whre seen)

here is the contents of my /boot/ dir

/boot/$ ls
System.map vmlinuz-2.4.33

and here is the error after choosing Slackware-2.4 - as the newly compiled kernel

************************************************** ****
Attempt to root device as read write failed
If you are using USMSDOS you must mount the root partition as read write

loadlin vmlinuz root =/dev/hda1 rw (where /hda1 is the root device) - in my case its /hdc5

Normal boot disk can be made to mount a system read write with the rdev command:

rdev -R /dev/fd0

you can also get into your system by using a boot disk

LILO = mount root = /dev/hda1
************************************************** ******

any suggestions?