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    display: unable to open X server `'.

    Hi everybody
    I ran the "display" command in root shell-konsole ,but the error :
    "display: unable to open X server `'."
    is represented.
    thanks for any help and guide.

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    try typyning

    init 4
    /sbin/init 4
    i hope that helps

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    Try xdpyinfo | head to find out the name of your display (it should be the first line, and it's usually :0.0), and try display -display "server_name". See how that works out.
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    Hi everybody
    very thanks for your reply.
    while boot process ,X is ran from inittab( included line id:4:initdefault: ),in other word , X is already ran.but when I run xdpyinfo command ,the error :
    xdpyinfo: unable to open display "".
    is represented.
    thanks for any help and guide.

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    I'm having a similar issue...

    So far, I had to replace my monitor, and now I am unable to use the computer directly because no information is being displayed at all... Just a blank black screen.

    I'm not even able to use the computer from a command line, and having to do everything remotely.

    I need to change my display and settings for it.

    Any ideas how to manually change a monitor remotely through a command shell?

    Well... didn't get it through a command shell, but I was able to edit the xorg.conf and get the display to work, but now my mouse is no longer working

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    I really need some HELP on this!

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    Just edit your xorg.conf over SSH

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    I got the monitor changed, but now my mouse is not working.

    Keyboard works fine, but not the mouse since I changed the monitor.

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    try running xorgconfig, this will help to set up your monitor and mouse.

    make sure you are root

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    I'm running RH Fedora Core 5, and I'm not able to locate that program on the computer.

    Is there something else?

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