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    no sound after upgrade

    Hello All,

    I upgraded from 10.2 to 11.

    Sound card is not detected, so I ran aslaconf. It says no pnp card detected.
    It was working prior to upgarde and aslaconf also detected it earlier.

    I found rc.modules.bak file. Will this help?


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    rc.modules.bak , just delete it its not being used anyway

    look through it first , or even substitute it for your real rc.modules, so that you know what modules need to be loaded etc.

    I'd suggest turning on hotplug and udev (chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.{hotplug,udev} ) then reboot, or start both services manually.. then try alsaconf again.

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    I just remember that I forgot to execute step 6 in upgrade.txt

    I am getting this error and I am running it from /etc
    I have pasted the script in file and make it executable.

    I will try your earlier suggestion after your reply.

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    No luck.

    I dont know what to enable in rc.modules.

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    i never use that script

    I manually merge the .new files (if needed) into my old configs

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    Which kernel did you choose at the upgrade-process?

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    I had the same problem when I was missing the support in the kernel and/or kernel modules. One method that has worked for me in the past was to just recompile the kernel, selecting support for my alsa. You can read the procedure on the gentoo wiki, which does generalize and work for other distros.

    Else you might just be missing the modules, which happened to me as well, they are on the disc and you can just update them or install them. To echo noctua what kernel are you using?

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    I didn't receieved any prompt for kernel during upgrade process.

    Its 2.4.33

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    Thats because you don't see a prompt, it just upgrades the packages from kernel 2.4.31 to kernel

    it doesnt ask you

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    Compile ALSA into kernel

    I also had the same problem (no sound) when loading ALSA as a module in Slackware 10.1. To get sound I had to re-compile the kernel with sound support built-in.

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