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    Firefox/Thunderbird and kernel 2.6.13

    Hi All.
    I've downloaded and compiled the kernel 2.6.13 on Slackware 10.2
    Everything works correctly except Firefox and Thunderbird with whom I can't surf on internet and download email. With Konqueror I'm able to surf on internet without any problem.
    Anyone know this problem yet?

    Thanks a lot.


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    if you're able to surf fine in konqueror, your internet setup is obviously working

    what does 'ping' show?

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    Hi Kern,
    I've tried with ping to and the result was an answer from ip address byte=64 TTL=255 without any interruption.
    I've tried to download my emails using Sylpheed and it worked correctly.
    I tried with Lynx too and it worked correctly.
    Only Firefox and Thunderbird didn't work correctly.



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    what do they do ? were they configured for a proxy before?

    I can suggest deleting your $HOME/.thunderbird and .mozilla directories then trying again.. or maybe uninstalling the packages and installing them again - although I fail to see what that would do.

    seems your internet connection is fine though, so it must be something simple

    do the programs even load? they could be missing a library or something

    I find it very odd how konqueror works but firefox doesnt

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