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    Red face noob needs help making internet work

    after endless hours making slackware work, I've discovered that my laptop's (gateway m505b2) network adapter is a mini-pci lan card, and that there are no Linux compatable drivers for it. After further exploration, I've found that I need NdisWrapper to make it work, but have no idea how to go about the implimentation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I reccommend downloading it on whatever computer you can get online with, and then burn it and your drivers to a cd.

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    new development

    The Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 driver should be a working driver, but now I have new problems. I've got a 2.4.31 kernel build but need a 2.6 or higher for the driver to work. How would I go about upgrading the kernel so the driver can be installed? (note: this is my first day using linux

    I'll be researching it while I wait for replies. Thx for the help.

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    Heh, first day using linux and you're gonna tackle a kernel upgrade, beautiful . Anyway, I've only attempted updating the kernel, I do believe I eventually got pissed of and decided not to do it. Best advice I can give, just research it online, or install a different distro with the 2.6 kernel.

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    Cool success. . . and failure

    so I got it all upgraded to 2.6.13, and now my mouse doent work. Damn it all. Any suggestions?

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    Tell us about your mouse. USB? PS2? Optical? Wireless? It likely is just a simple matter of editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf, which isn't too hard. By the way, congratulations on upgrading your kernel! Many more experienced Linux users have had a far more difficult time upgrading Slackware to the 2.6 kernel! Did you install all packages from the same directory as where you installed the 2.6 kernel from? Sooner or later you'll need them all...
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    dont forget the official intel firmware from their sourceforge site for the 2100 intel wifi chipset

    I use it

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    current status: slackware 10.2, kernel 2.6.13. I got the firmware driver, got it installed, but don't know how to check and see if it's working.

    also, now iwconfig wlan0 yeilds the resuld "wlan0 no such device" instead of having info for it.

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    my wifi device is simply eth1, try that

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