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    Help installing!

    I can't figure out how to convert a "tar.gz" file into a Slackware ".tgz" install package. Please help!!

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    you don't convert them like that.

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    I know

    I know I can't install a package that compressed as a "tar.gz" file, I have to extract it first, than create a package file with "makepkg" (which as far as I know should make it into a "tgz" package), the only problemo is that so far (on Slackware Linux 10.2) when I use "makepkg" it turns it right back into a "tar.gz" package!! so maybe I using the wrong command but if I am please tell me what one I want to use!!


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    when you unpack it using
    tar xvfz filenam.tar.gz
    it will make a separate folder, in which you will likely find a file titled "readme" or "install." By reading those, you will likely find out how to install by building it yourself, which is usually done by:

    make install

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    Talking Thanks!

    Thanks I got it working!

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    you can use 'checkinstall' to convert tar.gz package in slackware package.

    but you don't directly convert them.

    Take any package with tar.gz (ie, source), you untar the *.tar.gz file and go in the uncompressed directory.

    then you give commands (for a normal install):
    make install (as super user)

    BUT if you have 'checkinstall' installed (get it from then you give the commands like:


    you will get a *.tgz package ready to install with 'pkgtool'.

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