Hi there. I've asked everywhere but to no avail with regards to this problem which is driving me insane. I hope some guru can solve the prob.
Firstly this is not about Slax installed on my HD it is about the SLAX 5.1.8 live CD. I added the X11-misc-fonts module to the distro and re-burnt the iso image. The live CD boots up fine and loads perfectly. However, after the X11-fonts-misc module was added Kpdf / xpdf viewers do not read any of the text in a pdf file , only graphics. Prior to adding this module it worked fine.
Also when using Fluxbox I cannot get the "transparency" effects to work on my toolbar and menus ( although I can get transparency in aterm). When X11-fonts-misc is not installed I get transparency and pdf viewers to work properly.
I've used fc-cache to update the font index and also "xset fp rehash." Still no luck. Any clues ???
It seems to me that X11-FONTS-MISC is causing some problems or I haven't used the correct procedures to install and fc-cache the font index. This problem is driving me crazy.

Thanks for any pointers,