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    When I installed slackware with the 2.4 kernel, my network wouldn't work, then when I installed it with 2.6, my mouse didn't work. The mouse thing worked out simply by me selecting a different option for the mouse type in the installation menu. Everything works for me now on the 2.4. This walkthrough helped me immensely.

    for my laptop mouse, I selected the usb mouse option, which somehow made my touchpad mouse work too.

    good luck

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    So...How would I go about upgrading my kernel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meow
    So...How would I go about upgrading my kernel?

    use the kernel 2.6 packages from the 2nd cd, or the slackware ftp site, for 2.6.18, and upgrade the kernel and the module packages using 'upgradepkg', do not upgrade the kernel-headers package to 2.6, it is supposed to be 2.4

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    See, I'm not sure what you mean by that (but I am determined to learn this).

    Can someone tell me, step by step, how to do it?

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    This has been covered many times in this forum.

    put the second cd in, mount it

    go to extra/linux-

    now, 'init 1' to go to init 1

    either remove /var/log/packages/kernel-generic* and kernel-modules* or upgrade them.

    removepkg /var/log/packages/kernel-generic*
    removepkg /var/log/packages/kernel-modules*
    do not remove or upgrade the 2.4 kernel-headers package, it is supposed to be 2.4.

    now install the kernel-generic and kernel-modules packages from the extra dir.

    installpkg ./kernel-modules*tgz
    installkpg ./kernel-generic*tgz
    make sure /boot/vmlinuz symlink points to the kernel version you just installed, make sure your lilo config (/etc/lilo.conf) is pointing to /boot/vmlinuz, then run 'lilo -v' and reboot.

    *so bored of repeating myself*

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    You may also find it helpful to read the README file contained in each of the kernel directories on the cd's. The info in the README contains both the steps re: installing the packages AND an important step re: mkinitrd.
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    Have you checked here first?

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