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    Post kernel compilation, console resolution enlargement???

    Hello all,
    please allow me to make a little sense of my thread title.

    I've posted a thread similar to this a while back with a different computer but now this is happening to me on my current desktop. I'm using a Dell desktop with a Dell Intel based i845 motherboard, along with an ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra TF AGP 4x graphics card.

    Everytime I recompile my kernel (Slack-11 w/Linux-, I reboot and the text scrolling across my screen looks huge and not very good. I have everything regarding my hardware enabled correctly. However I noticed that whenever I did this with Gentoo I never had this problem. Could there be a patch that needs to be applied to the kernel?? I understand that this kernel is in fact the vanilla source that's available in the /extra directory on disc #2, any idea's???

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    if you do 'man lilo.conf' I believe it will tell you the vga options for hi res console.

    you can edit /etc/lilo.conf and try 'vga = 791' instead of 'vga = normal', I use that on my nvidia based card. Not sure if it will work for ATI so be prepared for a black screen and having to use a rescue disc to restore the config back to normal

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    Here are GRUB instructions but should work in LILO as well

    Enable the vesa framebuffer in the kernel
    Then specify a line like this on GRUB's kernel line vga=792 (this means 1024x768@24)

    Here is a nice table

    NOTE: dont enable anything relating to nvidia or ati, the vesa framebuffer is more than enough
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