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    Slackware 11.0 Installation Disk Space

    I'm trying to install Slackware 11.0 alongside WinXP Pro SP2 inc all updates & hot fixes.

    I have 2 partitions, the first partition is 63.47 Gb with WinXP running within normal parameters
    I want to install Slackware on the 2nd partition which is 48.31 Gb free space. I've booted from the installation DVD to the login prompt with no problems, however cfdisk is reporting the free space as 3,907.01 Mb, approx 3.8 Gb.

    What's going on? Am I not able to install Slackware 11.0 on larger capacity drives?

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    well did u want to use all of the 43Gb for linu only? did u make partitions for linux and linux swap? wich partition is ur hhd on, i mean is it sda1 hda1 or hda 3...5?
    did u choose the right partition? i've installed it on 60gb free space so it should hav no problems.

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    Thanks for responding but the problem is resolved. cfdisk was reading my dvd, not the partition,

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    That wasnt a 'problem' at all then really, merely you choosing the wrong device to partition

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