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Thread: Init 4 problem

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    Init 4 problem

    Whenever I type in "init 4" to get into the GUI it says it's starting X11 but it never starts and I have to restart the computer.


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    Why "init 4" and not "init 5"? Are there any error messages, or does it just hang there?
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    Don't know

    I don't know why "init 4" instead of "init 5", but when I use "init 5" it doesn't go into the GUI. When I use "init 4" it just hangs there. I tried "startx" but it came up with a bunch of errors. I tried running "xorgconfig" but I'm not quite sure what I'm doing so I don't how to answer most the questions.


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    You need a working xorg.conf

    use xorgconfig and actually find out what you're supposed to be doing.

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    xorgconfig will ask you the specifics of your system. Like what kind of mouse, Keyboard, monitor and video card you have. You'll want to have your monitors vert and horz refresh rate handy, If you don't know what they are you can either Google your monitor or just pop in a live disk and see what that tells you. Once its all done gathering the info it will write the file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf. It should work great if you inputted the correct info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smolloy
    Why "init 4" and not "init 5"? Are there any error messages, or does it just hang there?
    Because runlevel 5 on slackware is configured to be the same as runlevel 3, which our original poster is already running.

    I had a similar problem -- this is a conceptual problem rather than an actual software problem.

    If you've set up, then the display manager starts on tty7 (switch to it using CTL-ALT-F7); you should see a login box with our favorite penguin.

    You will be left with just a regular login prompt on tty1.

    I hope you know what a tty is; if you don't, then check out the Slackbook -- it's great at explaining these basic concepts. What you're interested in is "virtual terminal." Running Linux from O'Reilly also has a great explanation of this concept.


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    Try "telinit 4", it should work if you have a working xorg.

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