im trying to install the SLAMPP live cd 1.1 to harddrive.

the "howto" says:
As I don't have SATA or RAID on my PC to test with, I can't confirm that this program would work on those systems. For IDE/ATA, before starting the HD installation program please make sure that the partition you would like SLAMPP to be installed to is unmounted. Otherwise, the program will refuse to work.

For people who would like to do the installation on console, just run the following commands:
# cd /hd_install
# python slampp_install_run.py --device=/dev/hda1

and when i run the install_run.py i get an error that follows:
File "slampp_install_run.py", line 9, in?
Import gtk
File "/tmp/package_pygtk/usr/lib/Python2.4/site-packages/gtk/__init__.py", line 37, in ?
RuntimeError: could not open display

dont know why.. all i want is to have it on hd, so i dont have to boot with cd all the time.