First some appologies for my bad english

I have an IBM laptop with no os installed. The cdrom is broken and will never work again, and i can't afford buying a new one or buying some usb stuff.

The computer works fine besides the fact with the cdrom. I have access to floppies. I have booted the slackfloppies succesfully and created partitions. The problem comes when i need a installation source.

I have no access to cdrom, no access to a premounted dir or to a local NFS source. I have access to my other computers over a local network but i cant reach the internet. I have tried to configure everything as described in different guides/howtos.

The dream scenario would be to do an floppy boot and then access an mirror through ftp/http. But i really don't know how to do that in Slackware. There is no options for ftp/http in the source menu. Other distros offer that but i want Slackware

Uhm, thats about it. Dont know how to explain it further. Ask questions and ill try to answer