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    Exclamation slackware 11.0 lilo problem

    ok, heres my problem. I installed slackware 11.0 using the huge26.s kernel on my drive that had windows installed already. It is an sata drive using an sata controller. The install went smooth, however, when I rebooted the system I got a 'timestamp mismatch' error from LILO. I reinstalled it a couple times and got the same thing each time. Using the boot disk resulted in the same thing as well.

    I understand that GRUB is on the slackware dvd but isn't used by default. Is there a way to install it from the disc at the command line during the install process? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I just tried using the ntldr method and was again greeted by the timestamp mismatch error. I've changed the clock in the bios to utc time and other times and that did nothing. I did a search on how to install grub from the slackware dvd but the ones i found required you to be in linux already. At the moment I only have acces to my windows partition so if someone could just post a link or a how to install grub that would be awesome.

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    I think it should be OK to download Grub 0.97 by Windows. Then boot up Slackware by installation CD, mount the Windows partition to fetch the file across.

    The step to build Grub is given by the Appendix A of the Grub Manual. It is a 10 minutes job. Mind you you need to write your own menu.lst but the one for Slackware is the easiest in the world.

    Basically you need stage1, stage1.5 and stage2 in the /boot/grub directory with a menu.lst. Then you can install Grub by the grub-install command or invoke a Grub shell to do it with the "root"+"setup" statement.

    I think there could be a script to do all these but it is simple enough that I never bother to find out.

    If you need further assistance printout the output of "fdisk -l" here.

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