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    Linksys WUSB54GS driver under Slackware

    This is the help about how to install the driver for WUSB54GS in Slackware based on the Ubunto help:
    This can be done is 4 steps:
    note: Don't plug the device until the end of these steps
    1)Install ndiswrapper.
    2)Install F5D7051.exe
    3)install unshield
    4)Install the driver.

    Step 1:
    Download the ndiswrapper from
    extact the package and build it.
    tar -xvf ndiswrapper-1.37.tar.gz
    cd ndiswrapper-1.37
    make install
    ndiswrapper -m

    the final command it's to enable load of ndiswrapper on boot of the kernel

    Step 2:

    download unshiel from:
    install it:
    installpkg unshield-0.4-i486-1.tgz.

    Step 3:
    download F5D7051.exe
    unzip F5D7051.exe
    unshield x DATA1.CAB
    unshield x DATA2.CAB

    from the 2Kdriver you'll find the two files copy them using:

    cp usb8023.sys /etc/ndiswrapper/wusb54gsv2/
    cp rndismp.sys /etc/ndiswrapper/wusb54gsv2/

    if the folder /etc/ndiswrapper doesn't exist yet so make it.

    Step 4:
    download the driver from:
    it depends on the version of your wireless usb!!!
    unzip WUSB54GSv2_v4.1.20.0.exe (version of the downloaded file)
    cd WUSB54GSv2_v4.1.20.0
    ndiswrapper -i WUSB54GS.inf

    ndiswrapper -l
    modprobe ndiswrapper

    if something goes wrong please refer to

    hope this help.

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    It doesnt work.

    The link to F5D7051.exe does not work.

    I managed to find the file, and it does not have:

    usb8023.sys and rndismp.sys

    it does have however in the 2kdriver folder two files named:

    usb8023k.sys and rndismpk.sys <----- Note the K at the end of each file.

    When I first copied those two files to their directory, I copied them without making the directory first. (etc/ndiswrapper/wusb54gv2/ )

    I continued on with the installation and got all kinds of errors. I then fixed the directory (etc/ndiswrapper/wusb54gv2/ ) and put the two files in the right directory. I then did ndiswrapper-1 WUSB54GS.inf and it installed, but then i did ndiswrapper -l and got an invalid driver error.

    I think it is a matter of putting all the files in the proper places before installation, like the ubuntu forum using the folder "my drivers" to work from. I am new to the linux folder structure and I do not know what does not belong. For example: In windows xp I know on C there are supposed to be at least 3 folders:

    Documents and Settings
    Program Files

    For Linux I have no idea what is going on yet and what things need to look like. All I know is after I tried installing this and other programs I had files scattered all over the place. So I just decided to reinstall slackware in order to start fresh and to address the issue with my partitions. On the first installation I assigned hda3 to /usr/local/ instead of just /usr.

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    I didn't understand what is your problem exactly?
    but if you follow what i wrote i think should works(based on ubunto but little bit should make a directory in etc/ndiswrapper/wusb54gsv2/

    code: mkdir etc/ndiswrapper/wusb54gsv2/

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    I edited my post above.

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    To whom it may concern... I have not found a fix for this problem yet. I now use ubuntu and it still does not work with that either.

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    Welcome back,

    You did not post any thread since 3 months, Did you try to follow the Ubuntu help for linksys it worked to my friend so what is the problem in your case ?

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    I just havent really tried looking into it do avoid dissapointment I guess, Since you said it worked for your friend I will give it a try.

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    Ubuntu is a very nice Distribution. so please inform me about any news.


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