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    Why don't you try something other than slackware? something a bit more noob friendly?

    Its hardly fun spoon feeding someone every step of the way because they are too lazy to learn how to do it.

    why don't you try ubuntu?

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    Check this post from another forum

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    hello mate

    it doesn't show the eth0 card because it hasn't loaded the driver for your network card

    please post here the output of

    so that i can see what network card you have

  4. $spacer_open
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    I think "kern" is right, it's not very fun if you have to tell me every little thing to do, however I don't realy know how to START learning, besides just asking questions on this site, should I get a book on Slackware? But I think I will swhich to Kubuntu. However if you still want to try and help me "Volomir" or any one else, here is what lspci said about my card "00:14.0 3Com Corporation 3c905C - TX/TX-M [Tornado] ( rev 78 )".


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    its a good read.

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    modprobe 3c905c

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    or uncomment the line in /etc/rc.d/rc.modules that says 3c905c

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    I tried it and it said there was an error trying to find module 3c905c. So don't realy know why but thats what it said when I typed it in and at boot time after I changed rc.modules.


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    your kernel modules are not installed or they are the wrong ones.

    ls /var/log/packages/*module*


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    Check in your modules kernel ...
    # modprobe -l | grep -i 3c905c
    If there is a module shown, this module is ready to use... If not ... u'need to recompile u're kernel or installed driver of u're nic only...

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