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    ldconfig gives errors

    hi, i filled up all my hard disk while compiling eclipse, and linux started acting weird. X server wouldn't go the first time i tried to run it, the second time it nearly froze, even the hardware clock couldn't be saved at reboot (can't remember the error but it said something about 'cache'). anyway i emptied the hards and everything went to normal except now ldconfig outputs this two lines

    ldconfig: file /opt/kde/lib/ is truncated

    ldconfig: File /opt/kde/lib/ is empty, not checked.
    i suppose something got messed up during the reboot, maybe some process was still working on the files.

    i have no idea if i should do something about it, everything works fine except for these two lines ldconfig outputs

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    hah ! wild guess ! you must have worked as 'root' in your system
    and must have corrupted files !
    Must always work as user since as user you cannot even fillup 100% of
    the disk space since root has some reserved disk space.
    You might have to delete some files here and there and free up some space.

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