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    Sata Performance on latest Slackware Release

    I recently installed Slackware on a system where I'm using a SATA drive as the primary partition. I primarily set the machine up to act as a fileserver, it has a 160GB Sata Drive as the primary drive, and a 300GB IDE drive which I've mounted under a directory name and use it to write backups to every night.

    Data transfer on the SATA drive seems very odd though. It goes very fast for a minute or so, then slows way down to nearly nothing, and then repeats this in a cycle for the entire time you're using the disk. The entire system slows down to a snails pace when this happens (even the console display takes like 5 seconds to redraw every time you enter a command and all programs run incredibly slow). Once you stop accessing the drive and are simply running things out of memory, it responds normally. This behaviour happens regardless of whether I'm accessing over the network or simply writing data between the drives. Read vs. write does not appear to make any difference.

    Any tips before I rip it out and replace it with an IDE drive? I'm thinking there's probably a driver/SW issue. I'm certain the hardware itself is fine as I've been running windows on it previously for quite some time. I'm used to Unix/Linux systems being very responsive (even back in my 486 days) and this is just killing me.

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    Have you tried using a newer kernel that the one supplied by default with Slackware (2.6 for instance)
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    No, admittedly I'm still using a precompiled kernel from the distribution. It's been a while since I've used/installed Linux, so I'm re-learning some things again, and was hoping to put that off until I had a real need to do so... sounds like maybe this is the time...

    Any notes on important flags not to miss (for SATA) when recompiling? I'm at work so don't have access right now, but I'll try that tonight when I get home...

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