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    Lightbulb install help

    what is the diff between ext2, and ext3, and whaqt is the swap part for, i have a 160 hard drive and it always wants hda1 to ext2 with 1g, and ext3 to have the rest bui still cant get it wrk, why thanks

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    It stands for extension two and three. They are types of filing systems used for Linux. Ext3 is a journaling filing system which they say is better. Here are few links to explain if you need more infomation.

    Swap is the same as virtual memory. The system uses it to store process data.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    Ext3 is an enhancement to the ext2 filesystem that adds journalling support to avoid having to perform a filesystem check after a power failure or system crash.

    For many years, ext2 was the default filesystem on Linux, offering an excellent blend of stability and performance. However, it lacked journaling, and when other filesystems such as ReiserFS and JFS came onto the scene, ext2's developers added journaling support in the form of ext3.

    Swap or virtual memory is a technique used to write some memory content, not used at the moment, to the hard disk to make room for a process which needs more memory now.

    In this way programs can be started even when the memory is used to its maximum without having to shut down processes first. This also make a good buffer for when peaks of memory usage occur.

    hda1 will become the root partition I guess and the rest for home?
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    Talking hey

    thanks for the info. rave

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