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    Lightbulb install apps on slackware

    i have downloaded a program to root/desktop its file:///root/glotski-0.2.tar.gz, what is the exact line to umcompress it, and then what is the line to make and then what is the line to build it. thanks

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    Slackware packages use the .tgz extension.

    You'd be better off finding your package with that extension, then using pkgtool to install it.

    Just go to a terminal and enter the command: pkgtool

    You can check to see if they might have the package.

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    To extract the package do tar -xvf ****.tar.gz or tar -xvjf ****.tar.bz2after you go inside the extracted directory and do :
    make install.

    but if you want to uninstall the package you can do make uninstall but this is not a very good solution because you should have the source code taking some disk space, then it's better to use package manager like checkinstall wish comes with slackware 11.0 inside the extra directory on the DVD, with checkinstall you can do
    the final command will produce for you a package wish end with ****.tgz you install it using installpkg *****.tgz
    and at any time you want you go to /var/log/packages/ and do removepkg (the name of the package).

    hope this help

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    Talking hello

    thanks for the advice guys, i will try it, and if i run into more problems i will let u know.. rave

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    are pkg, and checkinstall already programs in kde or do u have dl them and then make them wrk to unpackage programs, rave

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    If I remember correctly pkgtool only works if you rename the file from tar.gz to .tgz.

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    Installpkg, pkgtool, and checkinstall are already installed. Packages withg the .gz extension normally wont work in slackware or with pkgtool, some of them do but it's kinda rare.

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    I suggest you take a look at this thread - pay close attention to the source and slackware sections.
    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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