Hi, I've a fresh install of 10.2. I've setup client side smtp auth and my ISP is earthlink. Earthlink blocks port 25 they state on their support site to use port 587. Here's my problem when I send a email using pine to my hotmail accounts i get the authentication process and provide username and password and it sends the email with no problems/issues. But when I try to reply back from my hotmail accounts I do not receive anything. I've tried to reply both to root and user but have had no luck. The ports are forwarded on my dlink router to my internal slack box. Why can i send but not receive? I've read that sendmail by default is setup to do both. I've uncommented the POP3 and IMAP in inetd. Also I have registered at dyndns.org. Can someone please help me with this. I tried all kinds of changes but no luck. One more thing I cannot receive and email from user sent to root and vice a versa. Please someone

Thank You