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    having issues installing software

    I am using slackware 11.0 kernal

    i go to command prompt and type 'installpkg <aim.1.5.tgz> and get this error
    "-bash:syntax error near unexpected token 'newline'"

    i tried it again typeing this 'installpkg aim.1.5.tgz and get this error
    "Cannot install aim.1.5.tgz: package does not end in .tgz"

    what am i doing wrong in this?

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    Linux Engineer aliov's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    First of all be sure that you're installing the package as root
    second are you sure that this package it's a Slack package,if not try this command:
    explodepkg aim.........tgz,
    and be sure that you see the slackware setup script inside (like install/slack-desc).
    if this command extract the file that in this package so it's ok else then it's not a Slack package (explodepkg explode the package in current directory avoiding to clean directory again out it in a new directory).

    Hope this help

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