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    Lilo help please

    Ok here are the basics:

    A few days ago I installed Slackware 11.0 on my Sony Vaio laptop, hopping that everything would go well and all. I currently had a Windows media Center XP installation on the laptop and hoping that everything would go well.

    The instlation went well and all, then I get to the Lilo configuration and do the normal thing that I do. I install it to the MBR and point it to my Windows and Linux partitions. I reboot the computer and *Bam* I get the dreaded

    "L 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 [...]"

    So I start digging through my limited knowlige of tweaking with the lilo.conf file. Now I've jsut reached the end of my rope. I just want ot scream, as I've been trying to fix this laptop for a week now. I'm looking for someone who can provide a newbie like me with very detailed help. I'll give all the information that I know off my laptop.

    This is not verbatim, I copied it off my laptop by hand so please excuse the typos.

    #Lilo config file
    #generated by lilo.conf

    boot = /dev/sda
    #timeout =300

    image = /boot/vmlinuz

    other = dev/sda1
    Label = Win
    #map-drive = 0x80
    # to = 0x81
    #map-drive = 0x81
    # to = 0x80

    That is the general idea of my lilo.conf file. The only strange thing that I've encountered in my limited preference so far is my drives being labeled as "SD" instead of HD. I really need some help with this please.

    Two other things that I've encountered is whenever I try to reconfigure my lilo.conf file using "Pico" and the running /sbin/lilo I get tis message reading "boot drive and map file are on different disks."

    The other strange thing I see is whenever I try to Cf disk /dev/sda I get a "Bad primary partition 1, partition ends after end of disk." Please help me I'm really lost here. If anyone could either 1. Tell me what I'm doing wrong and explain how to fix it. Or 2. Please post a lilo config file that would work for me and tell me why it would work.

    Any help from any one would be greatly appreciated.

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    Just some ideas.
    Are your drives scsi, in which case they will be labled sda, sdb etc, otherwise they would be hda, hdb etc as in an IDE setup.

    Maybe part of the problem is partitioning as indicated by cfdisk. Although I can't be sure. I take it that it was necessary to shrink the windows partition to install slackware. Did you mark the first partition bootable, that is, is the windows partition bootable. Otherwise installing lilo to the MBR will not work as far as I know.

    I can only suggest fixing your partitions and run the setup again without the package install and try reinstalling lilo automatically to the MBR. Not a sophisticated fix, but it would most likely work and save time.

    If you need to start again with your slackware install, gparted live cd is a good way to partition your disks with relative graphical ease and safety.

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