Hello, new user here, both to the forums and to Linux in general. I've always been fascinated by the Unix and Linux operating systems but never really gotten around to actually learning them. I recently decided to get off my butt (figuratively speaking) and get into it. I have an older box (2GHz) that I'm setting up as a "server" on my home LAN. A friend suggested Slackware, and warned me that it wasn't the most newbie friendly, but I went ahead with it anyway. The first thing that I would like to do is set up a network share for my WinXP computers to access. The drive I'd like to share is a USB drive using NTFS. I've been reading some online documentation and it appears that the process I will need to take goes something like this:

1. install fuse
2. install ntfs-3g
3. mount the drive
4. share the drive (samba?)

I've read that fuse needs to be configured as a module ... and considering that I barely know how to install packages at this point, it seems a bit over my head I'm afraid. I've also read that I need to install the fuse libraries, but the fuse website only has one file to download in the Slackware section (barring older versions of the one file).

So to be honest, I'm not really sure where to even start. I don't want to start installing packages that may not be the correct one I need and take a chance at messing something up. So here I am, humbly asking for your help. Just remember that you guys know tons more than I do, so something that you may consider common sense to Linux users may have totally slipped past me. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.