Hi all,

Sometimes i have to use my modem in my aspire laptop,so for this after installing the driver from Linuxant - Company information everything went fine .
but what i saw after that ,the driver is failing to suspend to disk/mem on my Slackware 11.0 with a manually compiled kernel 2.6.21,in fact it's taking 5 minutes in the first try and when resume again and suspend it fails completely,At the beginning i thought there is something missing in my own compiled kernel so i decide to use the kernel huge from the slackware current and sure install it's modules nothing change after i went to my Scientific-Linux partition just to see and again the same problem.

I found in the linuxant site that a ACPI special patch is required ! but i didn't manage to find the correct one .

this is very annoying since when i want to use my modem i have to register the module and after remove it again before going to suspend .

Any body can help !