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    How to install on lappy with dead lcd?

    Hey everyone- I've googled this problem a bit and couldn't find an answer.

    Basically, I've got a laptop that just had the lcd monitor go out. It's a pretty fast computer (pentium m 1.6 ghz) and I still want to make use of it but can't afford to buy a new lcd. I've decided to turn it into my webserver, because my current webserver is...a pentium 3 with less ram. I know it sounds strange, but using my laptop to serve webpages would be a big upgrade for me. I want to install slackware on it and administer it remotely through ssh (and maybe sometimes open kde via vnc...)

    Here's what it's got:
    * A VGA output (that still works in windows..but I don't think it would autodetect w/slackware)
    * USB 2.0 (it will not boot from usb though...)
    * DVD reader drive
    * 100/10 fast ethernet nic

    In any case, how can I install slackware linux on this laptop without being able to see instructions (because the lcd doesn't work)? Right now its got windows on it and I administer it with vnc that I luckily set up prior to the lcd going out.

    Is there a way I can wipe the hard drive remotely and then push a complete slackware install on it via my nic? What are my options? Thanks a bunch in advance!

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    You should have a key on the keyboard that will switch the display to the vga output on the side/back of the laptop. On my computer there is a function key and then there is another key that has a couple of little screen icons, press them both at the same time to change back and fourth.

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    Exactly what he said. I use my LCD tv as my monitor on my laptop and use a wireless keyboard and mouse. I never even touch my laptop unless I am powering it on. You can use your TV or just any other standard monitor. And sometimes even though you have the button your graphics card needs tweekd to be able to display it, hopefully this wont happen on yours since you can see a screen to tweak the graphics card

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