Hi folks,

CPU - AMD Athlon64 X2 3800
RAM - Corsair CL5, 2G dual channel
Partition - LVM

This is my first time to explore installing Virtual Machine. I have following setup on the above box;

Host OS - Ubuntu 7.04 server amd64
Guest OS to be installed - Slackware i386

# fdisk -l
Device        Boot   Start     End      Blocks      Id   System
/dev/sda1     *         1      31        248976     83   Linux
/dev/sda2              32      19457   156039345     5   Extended
/dev/sda5              32      19457   156039313+   8e   Linux LVM

LVM   VG  Ubuntu  LV root - 153.5  Linux device-mapper
          #1   40 GB   f  ext3   /
                   113.5 GB  unused
(Remark: the unused space is for guest OS)
LVM   VG  Ubuntu  LV swap_1  6.3G  Linux device-mapper
          #1    6.3GB     f   swap   swap
(remark: the capacity was allotted automatically on following the Guided Partition.  I can't alter it.  It is more than enough)
SCSI2   (0,0,0)  (sda)  -  160.0GB  ATA  maxtor  6V160E0
          #1   Primary   255.0 MB   B   F   ext3   /boot
          #5   Logical    159.8 GB   k   lvm

Ubuntu and Vmware server are now running on the box. I'm going to install Slackware i386. Looking on;

VMTN Documentation

Technical Papers
- VMTN Technical Papers Directory

I found tons of documents there. and do not know which of them are relevant to my case.

Vmware has technical guide on installing supported OS. Slackware is out of their scope. Googling found me some guides. I haven't got a clear idea which of them shall I follow. Please shed me some light. TIA