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    Question 10.1 software updater problems :-(


    After installing 10.1 from scratch I notice there's an app called "Software Updater" running in the taskbar. After a few minutes, it displayed a notice that there were some updates, mostly for DHCP iirc. I selected to update and had to input the admin password in order for me to have enough permissions.

    Anyway, after displaying "resolving dependencies" for a few seconds, I got the following errors. Anyone any ideas? This has happened 3 times now and in each case, Yast was subsequently broken resulting in yet another fresh install. This is the 4th time I've installed 10.1 in the last 24hrs

    I clicked ok and am going to have to reboot as the updater program has crashed out. As I said, each time I've done this before, Yast has stopped working.

    What is software updater anyway? Is this a replacement for the app they used in 10.0? Should I be using something else or nothing at all?

    Thank you in advance,

    Unhandled Exception
    Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Public.ZenException: Failed to lookup resolvable with id '9613'
    Server stack trace: 
    in <0x00178> Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.RedCarpetBackend+SqlTransaction:GetResult ()
    in <0x00081> Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.RedCarpetBackend:ResolveDependencies (Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.IResolvable[] installs, Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.IResolvable[] upgrades, Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.IResolvable[] removals)
    in <0x00023> Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.PackageManager:Resolve (Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.IResolvable[] installs, Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.IResolvable[] upgrades, Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.IResolvable[] removals)
    in <0x00038> Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.RemotePackageManager:ResolveDependencies (Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.Public.ResolvableInfo[] installs, Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.Public.ResolvableInfo[] upgrades, Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Packaging.Public.ResolvableInfo[] removals)
    in <0x00000> <unknown method>
    in (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingServices:InternalExecute (System.Reflection.MethodBase,object,object[],object[]&)
    in <0x00188> System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingServices:InternalExecuteMessage (System.MarshalByRefObject target, IMethodCallMessage reqMsg)
    Exception rethrown at [0]: 
    in <0x006dc> System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy:PrivateInvoke (System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy rp, IMessage msg, System.Exception exc, System.Object[] out_args)

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    In case this helps anyone else...

    The program in question is called "Software Updater" on the window title bar and looks like it is actually running the zen-updater command. I've uninstalled it as it crashed far too much for my liking.

    After clicking Ok on the crash report, I immediately rebooted. Once the desktop came back, I quit the software updater program and opened Yast. The same updates were listed and installed without a hitch.

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    me too

    I experienced the same problem. Thanks for the help. I'll try it. BTW I came upon this url:
    Evidently you have to configure the zen software updater. I found this to be very odd. There was no way for me to know this until I read the blog. The software updater should be configured automatically. How is a user supposed to know to do this. Then when I do set it up I get the error you mentioned. Bug. I have been using Suse since 8.2 and never had these software update issues.

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    well it does ask you to configure your online updater in the installer with "Recommended"...but you're right, the new SuSE is quite problematic to configure (I've had problems with grub, mp3, updater, gnome desktop, my ntfs partition and it completely whiped out my win xp partition during the first installation (did three of them till now)

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    Yes thanks galdren and I agree. I always do an update on install but I havent had 100% sucess with that and just update later on. Assumed a network problem.

    With 10.1 ... When I did the online updater configure in yast, I submitted hardware profile and optional info. The update mirror site that it retrieved and added to the zen software updater was one that I was not famillar with. Couldnt find a way to choose a local mirror from a list in yast like the old version. And also got an exception error as mentioned. This is what probably failed during install.

    I configured the software updater to not load on startup, rebooted, did the online updater configuration without submitting hardware and optional info. Viola my local mirror was there and the update worked in yast. Maybe the dhcp update will fix the call home bug and the zen software updater.

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    My workaround didnt work a second time. Well it turns out to be a known bug. Just dont know how anyone is supposed to receive a patch

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    I think the suse team went out of there way to foulup a really good distro. I ditched 10.1 and went back to 10.0 with kde 3.5.2-9 and everything works the way its supposed to.

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    I was thinking of moving from 10 to 10.1, but after reading some of the problems with it I think I will stick with 10 till they sort the bugs out.

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    This function is broken at the moment. Novell have promised a full replacement/fix for this, it is currently on the way.

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    Download and use Smart as your package manager. It works quite similar to Yum and Apt-get and I believe it handles dependencies better than YaST. JMHO

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