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    An easy way to play MPG/AVI

    I am in the proces of trying to completly switch from windows XP to linux. I have almost everything working at this point. Wireless and MP3's were a bit of a challenge but with the help with the people on this board I got them done. It seems like my last major challenge is playing vidoes. Is there a simple (Plugin or something like that) way to get Suse to play the common video formats?

    Thanks all!

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    I don't know about a "plugin", but there is a Win32 Codecs RPM file you can install that will allow you to view most popular formats (MPG/WMV/AVI) using Xine or any media player that uses the Xine engine (such as Kaffeine or Totem). It can be downloaded here:
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    Had you installed all of the packman xine packages? Xine should take care of your Audio and Video needs. You may need to update Kaffeine etc from Packman too.

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    u need to download xinelib1(libxine1) or how it writes,speex,xine-alsa,codecs u can find all at packman or and download it ... install it and u should watch videos i do the same and
    now it works perfect ....

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    also mplayer is another option which is the one that i use. it plays all your mpeg, quicktime, and windows media files.

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    Play all video file formats in SUSE 10.1

    All video players in SUSE 10.1 depend mainly on Xine library. but due to legal constrains SUSE 10.1 uses very limeted feautures of Xine library which causes all vedio players not be able to play most video file formats
    to overcome this problem you need to do the following
    1- install the latest Xine library : open this link and download the latest Xine Lib
    2- login as root
    3- unpack the tarball, use: tar xfvz tarballname.tar.gz
    4- cd to the extracted folder and
    make install
    5- to get the latest codecs for all video file formats you need to install the Binary Codec Packages from MPlayer site : open this link
    6- unpack the tarball use: tar -xvf essential-20061022.tar.bz2
    7- cd to the extracted folder and: chmod 755 ./*
    8- copy all the folder contents to the folder that Xine uses to get codecs use: cp ./* /usr/lib/win32/
    that is all
    try to use any video program and see
    note : I don't know any legal information so you are responsible for any legal consequences

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