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Thread: First Login!

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    First Login!


    I have downloaded and after two attempts, installed SUSE Linux 9.1 Personal Edition. When it rebooted after installation the CD was still in the drive and although it booted from the hard disk the CD drive made lots of whirring noises, when the screen changed to colour it just had a jumble of characters on it!

    Having taken the CD out and booted up again it now comes to a speckled pink welcome screen with a white login dialog box with a clock on. Unfortunately, I have no username or password. What am I supposed to do here? Have I some how missed out setting these up? Does this mean I will have to install it all again?

    Any help you can offer will be much appreciated,

    Best regards, Alan.

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    i think u didn't have installed it correctly...while installing it is required from u to enter username and password for the users of the system and of course root.
    after installing from the 1st cd you boot from hard drive and continue with the other cd's.
    i think u should reinstall it..........
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    You should have created a root password during installation. You can log in as root, create your user(s) and then log out and log back in as the user.
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