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    Questions regarding SuSE Pro 9.1

    Hey there folks.

    Ok, I've been messing around with Knoppix Linux, never really anything serious though like actually installing onto my hard drive. I've decided, after so many problems with Windows, I'd like to have a dual boot. Been looking around, and SuSE seems to be a very good choice; what's more I've found it available at a very agreeable price (can't really download anything too big as I only have 56k).

    I won't be playing any 3D games in Linux - I don't really play video games at all, however occasionally do in Windows (and will be keeping dual boot for this only) - so of course having the graphics card setup 100% isn't important (Would just like to play maybe a few games such as patience and BubbleFrost (Not sure if it's the correct name)).

    My system specs are as follows:

    Intel Pentium III
    500MHz Processor
    40GB Fujitsu-Siemens Hard Drive
    256MB RAM
    ATI Rage Mobility-M AGP
    Lucent WinModem 5.62 (1999)
    Logitech USB Optical Mouse
    Logitech Multimedia Keyboard

    My questions regarding SuSE Linux 9.1 Professional are as follows:

    1) Will SuSE Linux work on my system? I don't need the graphics to work perfectly, as I said, I won't be playing 3D games or watching DVD's and so on in Linux.

    2) If I were to defragment my hard drive, would I then be able to use SuSE to partition my hard drive and have 15GB for Windows 98SE and 25GB for SuSE Linux 9.1 Pro? Would SuSE be able to do this, and do it well without error? (Reason I ask is, because on various reviews I've read, they state that SuSE didn't do the partitioning too well. I've also read that Mandrake is the best for partitioning, however that Mandrake 10 isn't that stable)

    3) Would SuSE Linux be able to pickup my Lucent WinModem? I've heard SuSE Linux can pickup a lot of Lucent WinModem's. (I've read it comes with driver version 9.0, however I use driver version 5.62 on Windows - Would driver version 9.0 work with my modem?)

    These are really my main concerns/questions.

    Thanks all.

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    I suggest that you use SystemRescueCD for partitioning (free download)
    instructions are here:

    It worked fine for me.
    The Qtparted program looks as if it has freezed after a while, but don't worry, just give it time and it will do the job!

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    Yes, suse should run fine on yor machine. As for the specifics on teh modem, i dont know, but if it has a repuation for supporting lucent winmodems, then give it a shot, you have nothing to lose, the worst possible is that you learn something.
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