I am not quite a beginner to linux, but I am a beginner to SUSE. I am trying to do a do a dual boot install with SUSE 9.1 Personal (downloaded from SUSE's site) and Windows XP. I did my research and saw that there was a problem with 9.1's dual boot install with XP (http://portal.suse.com/sdb/en/2004/0...booting91.html) so I downloaded the iso, and did what SUSE said to avoid the problem altogether. When booting the install cd it takes me to the welcome screen where the graphics are quite crisp and clear, however, when YAST starts everything looks grainy and distorted to where I can hardly read the writing on the screen. The weird thing is, I looked at the installation in Microsoft Virtual PC and went most of the way through YAST and it looked great. I really want to try out SUSE as I have heard a lot of good reviews. My linux expierence adds up to working at an isp a few years ago, (in the long long before time of red hat 5 and 6 smile.gif ) but everything was console base so the whole x thing is new to me. If this works out i think i will dump windows forever so give me some good advice! smile.gif

Here are my system specs: (this is one of those preconfigured dell xp home systems)
Pentium 4, 80 GB, 256 RAM 2.20 GHZ Dell DIMENSION DIM 2400

Thanks in advance,
P.S. Any tips on SUSE installation in general would also be appreciated.