Hi, I'm having trouble installing pro 9.1.
I thought to avoid the hassles , so I forked out a pile of money to get a
retail package.
I'm trying to keep my windows with a double boot set-up.

When I try to install, I get to the point where yast says 10 percent complete,
then the files start to load, the progress bar goes to 40%, then the system goes
slowmo, and instead of loading 40 files a minute, each file takes about 4 minutes.
at about the same time, the hard drive light goes out for good, and the CD reader stays lit always.
I let it go for about 7 hours, but nothing doing.

My system is a cicero with a KM 133 motherboard, AMD Athlon 1.2Gig,
128 mb pc133 sdram, samsung 40gig hd.

I've tried the minimum set-up, and copied all the files to my HD. to try the set-up from there, but the only documentation I found for doing this was for version 7.0, and the plan doesn't seem to jive with the files I have.

Thanks in advance