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    newbie question about installation

    i downloaded suse linux 9.1 .
    i boot my pc from cd, installed all packs and reboot pc.
    i see
    i select linux and see suse logo, when command line with request to login. i type root as username and press enter. what i have to do now?

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    After entering the root user's name (root), you must enter the root user's password.

    Please note: loging in as root is a very great breach of security. If you logon to the internet, you leave your computer open to anyone that wants to attack your system, because you are logged in with ultimate authority (root). It is much wiser to login to your system as regular user with limited authority to affect the system. That way, any one wanting to attack your system also has limited authority to change the system.

    Login as root only, and I mean ONLY, if you need to do serious system repairs. Otherwise, login as regular user, and use the command su to temporarily give yourself root authority to effect changes to the system. It's much safer that way.

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    but my question was....
    i just installed linux. and first time booted my pc. and i see comand line. i loged in as root (no more users created). and i don't know what i have to do now

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    1. add a user to your system. type 'adduser' as root and it should ask some questions about your new user.
    2. configure x if you have not allready done so. it should allready of been done since it is suse. if you don't want x then don't worry about it. but i would imagine you do.
    3. log in as the user you created in 1.
    4. type 'startx' to get a graphical user interface.

    if you want the computer to always boot up in x just modify the /etc/inittab file to say the default runlevel is 4 instead of 3.

    good sources of tutorials on linux are

    good luck with your linux box.

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    it didn helps me...
    linux said unknow command
    but i format my hdd and reburn my iso file to another cd. and now everything is OK. now i? writing from LINUX.
    and i think linux is 100 times better than windows.

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