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    Session Menu HELP

    Yesterday I just installed my SuSe 9.1 Pro Student Ed. to turn my back to MS Windows ME and now I am writing this here through it ;( !!!
    My problem is: When I try to boot Linux through GRUB theres the bootlevel loader screen and then a session manager or something like this, the background is grey... I have options Load Session Default/Failsafe and Cancel , + Break Lock but this is grey. Then when I click cancel the normal KDE logon screen is there, but no matter wether I log in with sinux (me) or root I come again to this manager, no matter what session type I choosed in the log window. With Sinux (the only selection that does something is failsave or load failsave) the KDE logon bg remains and then: nothing happens. With root I com,e to some kind like session control. I┤could kick people from sessions and so on (but theres only me and i cant kick myself) and there is a Checkpoint(?). No matter what I do (I can shutdown and come back to KDE logon) I cant go into my KDE!!!! If I try on runlvl 5 to switch to console the screenm turns standby and when I use Failsave in GRUB i have a console but with init 5 I start KDE logon but theres the whole session sh** again....
    Please help me to disable this Sessionmanager sh**!!
    Note: Before I installed the Radeon 9500▀ Dris vor Suse 9.1, I runned before a check so it should be the right drivers, and as far as I can see my KDE (logon background and manager only ) theres no graph. problem. In YaST (txtmode) it still says that I have my some Rage card (its false but KDE already worked). Please tell me how to disable the Manager. (I am a totally newb so please make it not too difficult
    Thank you so much
    S(uSe L)inux

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    not to topic.>>
    can u say how you installed linux?
    i'm trying to install suse linux and then i copy packets, i see green window with comand line. what i have to do?

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    I can only tell you how I installed the 9.1 .... But i think since 7.1 its the same: Just insert the 1st CD and boot from it, install through YasT2 , configure and GO, its really easy....
    Maybe someone can tell you more if he knows the version...
    Anyway, if somone knows the solution for my problem, PLEASE answer...
    S(uSe L)inux

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