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Thread: Reinstall

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    A Senior Citizen Newbie
    Kindly help me please. I'm impressed by SuSE 9.1 Pro. The only problem is that the machine doesn't obey the shut command and I've to ctr+alt+del it.
    I've installed it on a slave thus keeping win and SuSE apart.
    What's the best option? Reformat slave and reinstall? if yes, how?
    Or any other suggestions?

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    open a konsole window and type :
    shutdown -h "now"
    halt -p
    check if that works...(login as root first..)
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    Did exactly as u suggested
    Result: no change

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    does it give any sort of error mesage?
    is there any related errors if you run "tail /var/log/messages" ?

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    maybe you should have your acpi module enabled in kernel...
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    Thanks. I shall try that and revert with the result I get. Thanks to all those who're making my entry into Linux exciting and interesting.

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    Some more info.
    A young person reinstalled SuSE using the disks.
    Great prog, but when asked to shut down , at the very last minute it bleeped and asked to press F2, which was done
    here are the last lines on the screen (hope this will help)
    Proc unmounted ---done
    The system will be halted immediately
    Bmaster Resource Control:
    run level 0 has been reached
    Skipped services in runlevel 0 smbfs

    one entry in white before all the above reads:
    shutting down sys log services- unused
    u kindly suggested enabling acpi, but I'm scared of doing this, simply because I do not know how to

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