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    SuSE Pro 9.0 Sax2 hangs

    Hi All,

    I have Installed SuSE Pro 9.0 with a dual boot on XP Pro, works great and was a real dawdle to get working.

    I have a working SuSE until I run X server, I try to run sax and it goes blank, I loaded the Nvidia latest driver and I do get the Nvidia splash screen and then it hangs, I am so close to getting a working system.

    I have looked at XF86Config and modified the correct parameters etc with dri excluded in the modules etc.

    I can run in init3 and its fine, if I run startx the Nvidia logo cmes up but just stays there, I have been patient and waited for at least 10 minutes but it just sits there and doesn't budge.

    If there are any logs that I can supply please let me know and I will post them here, I want to see if I at leats get some form of response, all the posts on SuSE itself have came up with a blank, I have trekked the google path and now i am turning to the folks here to see if you all can move me forward, I have everything working even my sodding alcatel frog works, I never expected to get a problem like this with X though.

    I have tried sax2 -l sax2 -vesa etc and the same result applies, I have to reboot as the whole system does not respond.

    Gotta be an easy answer to this.

    Cheers JT

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    I removed my Pinnacle Tv tuner and it all started to work ........Hummmmmm

    at least SuSE works

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    probably there is a conflict between your tv tuner and the graphics should try to configure them not to share the same resources (avoid conflicting).
    they should work both on the pc then
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    Hi Thanks for getting back

    Both are PCI cards and seem to work side by side in windows, I cant seem to find where I can set the resources for the Tv card which is a Satellite Pinnacle CI card.

    As soon as I put the card in the X server dies, so I will need to set this from the command line, I have no problem with getting around just dont know where to start.

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