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    saving a file in linux to windows

    i have a slight (big) there any way to save a file on linux to a windows folder? something happened to my hal.dll file in windows preventing me from booting...i actually have the correct hal.dll file saved in linux...but i can't copy or move it to the windows folder...please, there has to be a way

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    Saving a file in Linux to Windows

    You can mount your Windows C drive in Linux by going to root and typing something like :mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows -t vfat, assuming that the C drive is hda1 (which it usually is) and that /mnt/windows is the empty directory you use for such purposes. You could use the /mnt directory itself of course. Then if (for example) the file you need to replace should go into c:\windows\system, you can simply cp it to /mnt/windows/windows/system or wherever. Just make sure you don't have the autoconvert option set for the mounted Windows partition because it causes problems with a binary transfer. Afterwards, just type umount /dev/hda1.

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    or you can use samba to share files..
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    actually, the problem is that hal.dll is a file in c:\windows\system32 and this partition is suse 9.1, it is mounted and i can access it, but i can't write to it...i read somewhere that i would need to recompile the kernel and that writing to an ntfs partition is dangerous...

    at any rate, i put in the windows cd and did a repair installation of windows, which solved the problem as i can now boot up windows.

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    With the tool "Captive" you can setup so you ca write to NTFS. Get it here:

    I don't know how stable it is but for this Emergancy it should be OK to Use (maybee just this once!)

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    assuming it's XP, you can boot from the install CD and select recovery console and login (usually for the administator password u can just leave it blank and hit enter, unless you set it as something) the type fixboot. that should work. but would the screw up lilo or grub? anyone?

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    fixboot doesn't mess with the grub or lilo loader...that is what i did...but then when i got into windows this way, i replaced hal.dll with another hal.dll (which turned out to be a bad idea), because then when booting to windows, it refused to load and dlls...which i then had to do a repair of windows....this has fixed the problem of windows booting up...

    dgwsd, thanks for that...i would have tried that, which probably would have made my life easier...i was this close to deciding to reformat everything and starting over.

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