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    Hello Netstrider,

    thanks for your help.
    It is a pppoe connection, and it has also been my experience, that it does not matter at all what name you write.
    However, as it still works with the same data with the XP, you are saying that Linux will require a new set of username and password?
    I will try to find out what they were here, but I guess then the language problem will come up again...

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    Have you tried using Yast to set up a custom provider? Open Yast, Network Devices, DSL, in the lower left of this window click 'add', fill info, click next, get to custom providers and click new, enter provider name and other info. If that doesn't work you might try Network Card instead of DSL.

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    Friends, a few weeks ago I posted a rather straight forward question in this forum:
    A notebook with xp professional und Suse 10.3 connected perfectly well in Europe, when connected with a dsl-cable to the internet. Here in Tokyo, the xp still works fine, without any changes, the Suse 10.3 does not work at all.
    I got many answers from people trying to help and have spent around twenty to thirty hours trying them all, but….none worked.
    As the problem to me seems pretty straight forward, I was surprised by the result. If I have to waste that much time on such a little thing (as xp clearly shows) I might as well keep on using xp and simply re-install it every few months from my cd, if I find it too slow, or too contaminated by the use in the internet….
    Thanks for trying,
    a disappointed Linux friend (not the first one, from what I read here!)

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    Well - things have not quite worked out the way you hoped or the way I expected. I am not sure why the suggestions have taken up quite so much time and have not cured the issues you have been having ... but it sounds as though you have made up your mind. Good luck with using Windows ... if you decide to give Linux another go let us know.

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    It's unfortunate that you were unable to setup your internet connection with opensuse. I don't know what you tried but I know that several people offered suggestions and asked you questions that you never answered:
    Check with your ISP
    Get network info from windows ipconfig
    Connection type, router,etc?
    Using Yast
    Japan isn't listed here in the countries list; If you look in Yast there are only about 12 countries listed so would that mean anyone living in the other 100+ countries on the planet would have problems if that were an issue?

    Have fun with windows.

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