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    Question No Internet after moving to Japan

    I moved from Europe to Japan and find that my suse 10.3 does not connect to the internet here when I plug in the dsl cable.
    I use XP on the same computer (which as you can see here) immediately worked fine.
    In Suse I went to terminal and did the ifconfig and got two answers
    the eth0 does have thenIP which the XP also uses, but there is also a notification about the lo and there I have that 127.0.0 address which is the problem.....

    When trying to configure a new provider in the set up I am asked about my country, but the list does not have Japan on it and does not even allow to add new countries---
    Any clues????


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    I know it's not technical or anything but ive had suse 10.3 for a couple days now so what do you expect but alot of times if i can't get connectivity hardwired i leave it plugged in and restart my computer and it fires right up. Thats the extent of my knowledge sorry if it doesn't work and i sound dumb.

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    Don't worry, Brandon, you do not sound dumb. I probably know less about computers than you do. Only for me, the Suse 10.3 Internet worked perfectly fine in Germany, as the XP Internet, which still works here....

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    The 'lo address' you referenced is not the problem. That is your loopback on the local computer and has nothing to do with your internet connection. Have you checked with your internet service provider to see if it provides support for Linux operating systems? If it does not, it will be more difficult to set up a connection and in some cases, not really possible. Checking with your ISP would be the first step. When you find out, re-post and someone may be able to help depending upon the circumstances.

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    eth0 is the connection you want ... don't worry about the lo connection shown. I think you are asked the Country to allow you to select a provider from the list ... just enter custom provider information and you should be able to enter information you can get from the Windows setup.

    What is your ethernet connection connected to - are you connected via the same hardware as before to the internet?

    Ed: had not seen yancek post - ISP website should give details to setup information (if you need to - some routers have config stored in them so you only setup once). You should be able to obtain required information for setup from the Windows XP configuration you already have working. The plug in and just works sounds as though you have ethernet connected to either a LAN or router with required config already setup.

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    Thanks, Yancek, that is what I was afraid of. This is Japan and not only will it be hard to get that information, the real problem will then be how to put it into the computer, as it does not write in japanese, and I doubt the suse set-up will recognise what the japanese characters mean....

    And, Jonathan, yes, this is exactly the same hardware that I used in Germany, where the internet connection worked perfectly fine with both XP and Suse. Using XP it still does, but I would hate to use that. I only have it on the computer because I need for ceratain other hardware, that does not work with Linux...

    I simply cannot understand why Linux recognizes the eth0 and then refuses to use it automatically......

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    I still think you have all the config information you need in XP to setup SUSE since XP already works. Although it may be easier in most instances getting information from the ISP to set things up, in this instance because of the language issue it is likely to be easier just working from the XP config. You have no hardware compatibility issues if you are using the same hardware to make the net connection.

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    Of course I agree with you.
    The problem is however, that this computer has exactly the sameset up for both systems, there is noting else on XP, that is not also already on Suse. And there it works.
    I can only guess, that there is something in the Suse setup that prevents an automatic change of provider.
    As my new one here has a japanese name, which is written in a completely different set of characters, and Suse Internet setup does not even allow adding "Japan" as country........

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    Did you try entering custom provide information directly rather than selecting country as I suggested in post #5? You should need user login and password information and number codes which you should be able to get from the XP setup.

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    I don't think the Japanese name (in different characters) would make a difference. To my knowledge your computer just sees it as a name and doesn't really care if that name is "Freak" or "Internet Telecommunications". What it does require however is whether it's a pppoe (point-to-point over ethernet) connection and then the login details and password

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