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    enableing plugins

    Im having a small problem with some of the features in compiz-fusion. It is currently set to automatically set plugins for compatability but when you change it to manual and try to bring over the plugins you want to the enabled side it doesn't allow you to enable them in the main configuration page. Anyone else have this problem if so could you tell me how to resolve it. much appreciated

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    Which plugins are you trying to enable

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    3d windows on rotating cube, skydome, widget layer, and cube caps. If i could get those going i would be a happy camper.

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    you can use compiz manager for that did you install compiz fusion through yast
    Compiz Fusion - openSUSE
    compiz manager has all the options you require

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    yeah i have the manager and everything but when i click on one of those options it automatically unchecks it in a few seconds. and when i disable the automatic plugins from the preferences it doesn't let me put a check on any of them. i don't know whats going on it should but it just doesn't. its a mystery

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    do you have all the packages installed that surely is a mystery

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    well i figured out most of it all i needed was to download a plugin-extra file and now most of it is working. Is there something extra you need to do though to get the skydome working its still just a white screen. I'll keep looking but if you know that would prob save me a lot of looking. thanks

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    i just had the wrong picture i guess i got a new one and it works perfect but thanks for your help i really appreciate it

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