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    Can Linux run IE7?

    I don't understand all the different types of Linux, but just want to know if I have a laptop such as the ASUS eeePC900 with Linux installed, can I also instal IE7?

    Advice would be appreciated.



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    As IE7 is a MS Windows application, you cannot run it natively within Linux.

    MS Windows apps can be run using an emulator called "Wine".

    It appears that there are issues with running IE7 with Wine ... as show on the Wine App database

    Why run IE7 when you can use Mozilla Firefox ... or Opera ??

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    you could try the available browsers like firefox try something new

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    Welcome to the forums!

    You can also check out IEs4Linux for some possible options:

    Main Page - IEs4Linux

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    Hi Ozar. Thanks for you advice - I'll check it out, but I want to ask you: do you know if I can install Linux on a computer already running IE7? My desktop has both IE7 and Firefox. And I'd like to try some Linux programs on it
    Thanks and best regards,


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    I don't get what you saying but a pc with ie7 is normally a window's pc and yes you can install linux you can dual boot but you can't install Linux programs in window's hope this helps

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    Just to add my voice to the choir asking you why on earth you want to install IE7?? Internet Explorer is for Windows; Firefox, Opera, Konqueror...are for Linux. You can't do anything in IE7 that you can't do in Firefox; but there are a lot of things you can do in Firefox that you can't do in IE (and a lot of the IE7 features, like tabbed browsing, were Firefox innovations in the first place.) Internet Explorer is also amazingly unsafe, being so integrated with the kernel that you need to do a system reboot when you update it. So why do you want to use it?
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    Hi Manchunian. The only reason I want to use IE is a Forex program I use here in Australia only uses IE. Actually I've been using Firefox for some years now on my desktop computer, but at present only IE on my laptop. So if I can't run Linux as well as IE on my laptop, I'll have to forget it for the time being.

    Thanks and best regards,


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    I just want to thank Scarfussi for your reply - I'd like to have both IE and Linux on my laptop if they both work OK.

    Best regards,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Manchunian View Post
    You can't do anything in IE7 that you can't do in Firefox;
    unfortunately this isn't exactly true, my company has some web apps that only work properly when accessed from IE browser due to using stupid activex crap among other things, it's annoying, have to remote desktop into a windows machine to access these things

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